The Black and Decker Zenit Straight Cut Saw has a unique Straight Cut Keel, simple and easy to use, helps you follow and maintain straight line cuts. The AutoSelect dial allows you to select the setting for either straight line or curved line cuts and the tool does the rest. It is fitted with front and rear handles that help you achieve a steady and accurate cut. It is a versatile tool that accepts most designs of jigsaw blade.

It comes with saw blade and a kitbox.


Input Power: 600 Watt.
Strokes at No Load: 3,200/min.
Stroke Length: 25mm.
Cutting Depth: Wood: 85mm, Steel: 5mm, Aluminium: 15mm.

  • Product Code: B/DKSTR8K

  • Our Price (Ex VAT): £97.62
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