DEWALT Mesh Sanding Discs last at least 4 times longer than traditional DEWALT sandpaper discs. Fibres are drawn away from the surface of the sanding disc into the small holes, and don't sit between the material and abrasive. This optimises the sanding effect.

These sanding discs enable dust to be drawn through the mesh across a wider area rather than being limited to distinct holes in traditional sanding discs. They are also much easier to select as there is no requirement to match a specific dust extraction hole pattern.

The mesh sanding discs have hook and loop fastening for quick and easy attachment. They can be easily cleaned to help prolong their life.

The DTM3105 Mesh Sanding Discs have the following specifications:
Size: 125mm.
Grit: 120.
Pack quantity: 5.

  • Product Code: DEWDTM3105QZ

  • Our Price (Ex VAT): £14.14

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