The Trend Mini Ellipse & Circle Cutting Jig ME/JIG is ideal for routing elliptical picture frames, mirrors, clocks and small coffee tables. Working on the same principle as the Ellipse Jig, the Mini Ellipse Jig is made from plastic will cut much smaller ellipses.

The main plate will accept most makes of small router for which screws are provided. By removing one slide and using a special pin, the jig can be used to accurately cut circles. For marking out prior to cutting, the plate can be fitted with a pencil plug. The jig is then turned into a drawing instrument.

Includes: 1 x Cross Frame, 1 x Main Plate, 2 x Sliders, 1 x Circle Slider, 1 x Pencil Plug and 1 x Set of Securing Screws.


Ellipse Major Axis: 580mm.
Ellipse Minor Axis Max/Min: 520/430mm.

Ellipse Major Axis: 500mm.
Ellipse Minor Axis Max/Min: 450/360mm.

Ellipse Major Axis: 400mm.
Ellipse Minor Axis Max/Min: 340/250mm.

Ellipse Major Axis: 300mm.
Ellipse Minor Axis Max/Min: 250/160mm.

Ellipse Major Axis: 220mm.
Ellipse Minor Axis Max/Min: 160/160mm.

Circle Daimeter Max/Min: 600/160mm.

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