These C.H. Hanson interlocking 28-gauge stencils are made from brass for long lasting service. The stencils clean easily with paint solvent and are reusable. Their design allows the stencils to slide together and come apart easily, making them perfect for producing quick, legible signs on any surface.

The stencils are supplied in a small box which allows neat and easy storage.

Each 45 Piece Set Contains: 26 Letters, 10 Numbers, 1 Beginner panel, 1 Plain end, 2 Spacers and 5 Punctuation marks (. , - ' &).

CHH10068: Character Height: 1in (25mm).
CHH10071: Character Height: 2in (50mm).
CHH10073: Character Height: 3in (75mm).

The C H Hanson 2in Brass Stencils Letters/Numbers 45-Piece Set contains the following pieces:

26 x Letters (A-Z)
10 x Numbers (0-9)
1 x Beginner panel
1 x Plain end
1 x Full-stop end
2 x Spacers
1 x Comma
1 x Dash (-)
1 x Full-stop (.)
1 x Ampersand (&)
1 x Apostrophe

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  • Our Price (Ex VAT): £35.21

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