Black and Decker NV2420N-GB Dustbuster is a 2.4 Volt cordless vacuum with an ergonomic design, that is light weight and handy for jobs around the home. Has a wide mouth, meaning this vacuum can effortlessly scoop up large debris, such as pet foods and cereals. Has a translucent, bagless dirt bowl makes it easy to see the dirt and know when to empty.

Has a quick release, removable, washable dirt bowl and filters that allow for a thorough, hygienic clean. The charging base can be placed on a counter top or attached to the wall. Includes a crevice tool for reaching between sofa cushions and into tight areas, and a soft brush which is ideal for cleaning upholstery.


Input Power: 5 Watt.
Suction Pressure: 175mm/Water.
Air Flow: 863 l/min.
Dustbowl Capacity: 370ml.
Runtime: 7.5 mins.
First Time Charge: 16 Hours.

  • Product Code: B/DNV2420N

  • Our Price (Ex VAT): £23.17
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