DEWALT D25301D SDS-Plus Dust Extraction Telescope is for use with DEWALT corded and cordless SDS-Plus hammers. It is ideal for dust free drilling up to 16 mm in diameter, the quick-fit system for easy tool free assembly and release and it is tough and versatile to meet the needs of the most demanding applications with a compact design to maintain visibility and extremely light weight to minimise user fatigue.

It has a 150 cm heavy-duty rubber hose for maximum reach and a side handle adaptor for increased compatibility.

- Drilling indoors when required by legislation
- Preventing dust contamination in environments such as houses, offices and hospitals
- Drilling close to dust sensitive equipment
- Minimising job site clean-up
- To protect the operators eyes when drilling overhead

Comes with: side handle with dust extraction adaptation, telescope and extraction head, rubber hose, 43mm adaptor, and a carton box.

Fits: Corded and Cordless SDS-Plus.
Collar Diameter: 43/54mm.
Max. Drill Bit Diameter: 16mm.
Max. Drill Bit Length: 224mm.
Max. Drilling Depth: 150mm.
Hose Length: 1500mm.
Hose Diameter: 35mm.
Weight: 1.2kg.

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