The Flex Handy-Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander is ideal for sanding walls, ceilings, plasterboards, solid styropor insulation slabs, and preparing surfaces for painting. It is lightweight and easy-to-use on small surfaces and in tight spaces. The sander features an interchangeable head system, allowing the same sander to be used for many applications. The grip hood allows for for easy handling and precise working.

The Handy Giraffe® has electronic control, which maintains a constant speed. The speed can be selected via its adjuster wheel. The sander has a soft-start and overload protection. All electronic components are cast, which prevents damage due to metal dust. The 3-fold winding protection reduces motor wear and increases service life.

The brush ring is spring-mounted so that the round sanding head accurately follows all uneven contours. This allows the head to be applied with fingertip precision and also prevents any dust escaping.

The large hose cross-section and 10-hole extraction ports ensure effective extraction of dust from between the brush ring and the sanding pad, which prevents premature clogging of the abrasive and promotes a healthy, dust-free working environment. The suction hose is directly attached to the tool by the Flex clip-system.

Supplied with:

1 x Round Sanding Head With Hook & Loop Backing.
1 x Traingular Sanding Head.
4 x Hook & Loop Backed Round Sanding Paper (P60, P80, P100 and P220).
4 x Hook & Loop Backed Triangular Sanding Paper (P60, P80, P100 and P220).
1 x Carry Case.


Input Power: 710 Watt.
No Load Speed: 600-1,800/min.
Size: 330 x 120 x 170mm.
Weight: 2.8kg.

  • Product Code: FLXWSE7KIT

  • Our Price (Ex VAT): £640.89
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