Aqua 63 style strip is fitted into the window frame aperture using four cut lengths. It is important to create tight butt or notched joints to ensure high levels of window performance. Joints can be enhanced by the application of a small amount of silicone mastic. When fitted, it is necessary to notch the seal end.

Returns to original shape after compression.

Stretching and shrink back at corners avoided.

Suitable for all main timber

Low compression force helps ease window and door operation.

Maintains weathering characteristics and resists compression set over a wide temperature range +70° C to - 30° C.

Research has proved that AquamacTM Weatherseal gives high levels of sound reduction.

Unaffected by paint stains, window and door types.

Aquamac 63 strip is a seal which is fitted into the frame aperture using four cut lengths and is available in either White or Brown.

Size. 25 metre (approx length)
Colour. White.

  • Product Code: TREAQ63W25

  • Our Price (Ex VAT): £39.49
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